a wide range of

Spotlight Telecoms offer an exclusive range of mobile account management services delivered to the highest standard. We strive to meet the requirements of all our clients promptly and with exceptional attention to detail.

your own dedicated
account manager

All our clients are looked after by a dedicated confidential account manager who can be contacted direct 24/7.

no call centres or
third party access

No more call centres or being passed between various departments. Your account manager will be your sole point of contact for account queries, technical issues or even just to help you pick your new phone.

service from
door to door

As part of our personal service your account manager can meet you at your home or place of work to discuss your account. They can assist with technical issues, swapping information from your old device on to a new one, or even securely backing up and wiping personal information.

peace of mind with
protected billing

Even though you are in the Spotlight your personal information doesn’t need to be. All our client information is kept securely in house. This means that your personal information is not available to third parties or network admin staff.

making life easier with our
International Services

Spotlight Telecoms help international clients make the transition to a new country simpler by using our mobile phone services. Your phone will be set up as soon as you arrive in the country even if you don’t yet have a permanent address or bank account*

We offer low cost international rates that are not available on the high street, short term SIM only contracts and SIM free devices that can be used with international SIM cards.

We can even set you up with a temporary mobile broadband device or SIM card while you wait for the internet to be connected at your new home.

* Guarantor may be required

be completely clear with
billing analysis

Your mobile bill will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure you are on the most suitable tariff. Your account manager will also make suggestion for when travelling and help you understand all out of bundle charges.

no unwated surprises with
spend caps & limits

Your account manager will keep a close eye on your monthly spend and usage. We can however set spend alerts and add call caps for those clients who want to have that little bit more control over their mobile bill.

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