iT7 Audio

Perfection in sound reproduction..

iT7 Audio manufacture a growing range of high-quality music devices, including headphones and portable speakers. These premium acoustic products fuse sophisticated design with the latest Bluetooth® technology offering superior sound quality and portability, whilst providing consumers with the freedom to make & receive calls on the move.

iT7x2 Bluetooth® Headphones

The iT7x2 is the latest addition to the ground breaking iT7 audio family

The iT7x2 Bluetooth® Headphones with NFC Technology For One Touch Pairing. These headphones with a built-in microphone allow you to make & take calls. Comfortable, stylish & robust with amazing sound that brings the artist to you..

iT7m Bluetooth® Speakers

The IT7M Speaker uses state of the art features to bring you an incredible wireless listening and conferencing experience.

A powerful built-in microphone means you can have crisp, clean sounding conference calls anywhere, in the office and at home Fantastic sound quality and easy wireless connectability make this the perfect speaker for parties, movies, gaming and music on the move

iT7s2 Wireless Sport Earphones

Our excellent iT7s2 in-ear sports headphone have now been developed to give even better sound quality than before with improved charging & styling.

These Bluetooth® headphones bring more freedom to your fitness regime as you will be free from wires and the tangle issues this causes, meaning you can train harder. The around the head style means that you have maximum comfort and a solid fit & positioning so you can be focussed on your workout.

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