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Even though you are in the Spotlight your personal information doesn’t need to be. Mobile phone services for sports stars and celebrities. We offer a personally managed service available 24/7 with complete discretion & added billing security.

years of

With years of experience in the telecoms, sport & celebrity industries we are able to understand our clients requirement from just the standard mobile tariffs.

Our account managers help to tailor packages with roaming bolt ons for travelling, software for those with security concerns or even just helping a client set up their phone to their required specification.


We take our clients privacy very seriously and therefore we do not ask our clients for testimonials for our website nor will we contact them via social media or actively ask them to tweet on our behalf.

At Spotlight Telecoms we do things a little different.


"To provide a unique level of service delivered to the highest standard. We strive to meet the requirements of all our clients promptly & with exceptional attention to detail."

Exclusive mobile phone provider - for celebrities, sports stars & atheletes - Spotlight Telecoms